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Great family owned business-honest...

By: non-member | September 4, 2016

Who would have thought I would be writing another review about Pipecraft plumbing in the last 3 months? Certainly not me. Based on the service received and the integrity of this company I am more than happy to do so. The latest plumbing need was at my son's house when I was told that the water heater was making a gurgling sound and water was leaking both from a valve and pan. I was not surprised as Jacob had informed me several months back that the water heater was on it's last leg while he was at the home repairing a outdoor hose bib leak. No pressure just a gentle heads up. Well you guessed it the heater went out on Sunday night and I quickly called Jacob who scheduled a appointment on the following Wednesday after he determined it wasn't an emergency. Chris a master plumber arrived right on time and went right to work replacing the old water heater. My good fortune was that while he was replacing an old outdoor hose bib that was located in the space behind the...


Plugged Kitchen drain

By: non-member | August 13, 2016

I had a plugged kitchen drain for 2 days with no DIY success. I called Mr Rooter in Mississauga and a very nice gentleman name Alex MacEwen arrived within the approximate time that I was given for an appointment. He explained the total cost after assessing the problem. He was very professional and I had an unplugged drain with a strainer installed very quickly. Next time I will call right away instead of wasting time!

Con men - bad work, won't back up...

By: non-member | July 29, 2016

Did several jobs: cleared drain ok, but replaced leaking trap under laundry tub in basement which leaked just like before and have been calling, writing, calling, writing etc. Rude people ("Eddie Guido," V.P., won't talk to woman property owner (!!!), Jean-Paul (Pres.) says we have to talk to Guido, William (Cord? at 80 Nealon, a residential home in East York -- fake address??) gave us a hard time leaving a message for Jean-Paul. It just goes on and on and on. They installed the wrong toilet, leaving a gap between tile and untiled area under old toilet when they could have easily installed a larger toilet or uninstalled new toilet and come back a day later to let us put down 2 new tiles to cover gap. Instead, they did job in 1 day with toilet on truck, we paid over $2,000 for toilet that doesn't fit, remaining leak under laundry tub, and replacement of shower without bringing anyone to repair the tiles on tub wall. Terrible job, horrible people. Phony ratings on this site and HOMESTARS. Sink them!

Unprofessional service

By: crappyplumber | April 18, 2016

I was having an issue with my toilet, so I called Power Jet based on a recommendation from my condo building management office. I had to leave 2 voicemails before I heard back and I set up an appointment for a few days later. The guy showed up and fixed my toilet, which involved changing the valve in approx 10 mins. I was told over the phone the part would cost approx $18, so imagine my surprise when I was told the total of $182. I know labour can be expensive, so I paid it without question. I requested a receipt, but was told that he couldn't issue me one right away and to write my e-mail address on the cheque and it would be sent to me via e-mail within 2 days. Here we are a month later. I have followed up via phone calls and e-mail every couple of days and they are completely ignoring me. I don't own my condo, so I can't get reimbursed by my landlord until I get this receipt. Really unprofessional service. I do not recommend using this company.

Power Jet Plumbing

98 Huntingfield St Toronto, ON

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Repair the pipe on 275 Byng Ave.

By: non-member | May 6, 2014


Regarding 275 Byng Ave, I had a problem with my balcony drain that I called your North York office at phone number 4166588800. They sent a person to my place on May 5, 2014 and the job was not completed and ask the roofer team to buy the piece, without informing me. The day after which is today May 6, I was informed by roofer with the missing part and low quality work and I called the north York office to send another person to fixed my job. After a few follow up, the person in your North York office talked to me with a very rude language and yelled at me not call their office anymore and refuse to fix the job and hang up the phone. I called back and asking, what type of language is that, he hanged up again. Now I have to hire another team and I already paid $200 and the unfinished job. It is recommended having a customer service training is more necessary for your team than the plumping expertise.


By: ViP416 | April 4, 2014

A few years back this company when started off did some work for me. I was impressed so I offered them my services for them to expand And as ViP416numbers.c0m got them a great number! Glad to be part of your expansion! Salute! \George/ZorgiK {The-GreeK}